Smart Vehicles

Smart Vehicles
21st February 2019 Atheneum Team
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The world braces itself for the coming of the smart vehicle

Smart vehicles, or self-driving vehicles, are rapidly being deployed in a number of different ways, and they seem ready to revolutionize almost every aspect of our world. With the potential to reduce the number of road deaths by as much as 90% in the next 15 years as well as to minimize the number of supply chain workers, the disruptive potential that smart vehicles hold within the world of industry is hard to overstate. With companies scrambling to predict and prepare for such changes, it has never been more important to connect with real experts in the field.

Prepare to see a smart car or smart bus on a street near you soon

So, what are smart vehicles? “Smart vehicle” is something of an umbrella term that can refer to any vehicle that contains advanced electrical and computational features. Many cars today have self-driving components; however, it is the imminent prospect of entirely self-driving cars that represent a new forefront in automotive convenience and performance. Controversy still surrounds the safety of smart cars, but they continue to showcase their ability to outperform humans in terms of both safety and consistency. This makes smart cars an ideal choice for long-haul journeys such as those performed by truck delivery services. Self-driving cars may even flip the concept of car ownership entirely on its head by switching the automotive economy to a primarily rental- or even subscription-based system.

From smart cars to smart trains: Connect with smart tech experts

With the ripples of smart vehicle integration being felt throughout the commercial sector, companies are looking to those on the front-line of this new technology for guidelines on how to cope, adapt and prosper with this new innovation. This expertise needs to extend not only to the technology itself but also to the moral and societal implications of smart vehicles. Atheneum successfully connects business leaders in all sectors with the experts that can help them to prepare for and, ultimately, embrace that changes that will impact their business in the future.