Press Highlights

Frequently featured in the press, Atheneum has appeared in a number of podcasts, global news and industry articles, providing commentary and insight into the company.

Media Coverage

  • Jul112023

    Atheneum Announces New Chief Executive Officer

  • Mar142022

    Five Questions for Atheneum

  • Sep032021

    How Atheneum Aims To Cut Through The Information Overload

  • Aug262021

    Atheneum Raises $150M in Growth Capital to Accelerate Global Expansion

  • Dec042020

    Atheneum Launches Collaboration with Nikkei Inc.

  • Apr162020

    COVID-19 Frontlines – Healthcare Experts Survey Phase 2 Results

  • Mar312020

    COVID-19 Frontlines – Healthcare Experts Survey

  • Mar042020

    #EachForEqual – an interview with Marta Margolis, Atheneum’s leading woman in tech

  • Jan162020

    Global Economic Outlook – Optimism Has Trebled Among UK Industry Experts Since General Election