COVID-19 Frontlines – Healthcare Experts Survey

COVID-19 Frontlines – Healthcare Experts Survey
31st March 2020 Atheneum Team
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Atheneum surveyed almost 250 healthcare professionals from the US, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, and France between the 23rd and 29th of March about the challenges they are facing in the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Do you have personal protection equipment (PPE) against COVID-19?

The majority of the respondents identified the shortage of PPE equipment as one of the main concerns. Spain among all surveyed countries is most affected.

The shortage in the US is highly concerning, with the country now leading the number of cases globally there is a clear sense of foreboding.

2. Which personal protection equipment (PPE) stocks are you missing the most (on a scale of 1-6, where 6 indicates the most needed)?

The data above shows a uniform trend across countries: medical masks, respirators, eye protection, and gowns are the most sought after PPE equipment. Aprons and gloves seem to be less crucial at the current moment.

3. Do you feel well informed on the latest COVID-19 guidelines?

Healthcare practitioners within France seem to consider themselves the best informed about current COVID-19 guidelines, followed by Germany.

The UK, on the other hand, stands out as being the least conducive to the transmission of current guidelines.

4. What are your main information sources and what is their importance? (on a scale of 1-6, where 6 indicates the most important)

Country-level public organizations are the preferred information source (e.g. the Robert Koch Institute for Germany, the NHS for the UK and the CDC for the US). WHO does not seem to be the main source of information for any country. Notable is the prevalence of physician communication groups to exchange information directly between health care professionals in the field (captured multiple times for each country in „Other“).

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