Facial Recognition Software

Facial Recognition Software
12th February 2019 Atheneum Team
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The rapid evolution of facial recognition

In the last two years, face recognition software has seen a rapid rise in both its effectiveness and its implementation. One of its most well-known recent applications is as an unlocking security feature on the iPhone X; however, face recognition technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of a wide variety of different industries. It offers a myriad of applications ranging from fraud and theft prevention to better customer analysis and more targeted marketing. With such vast potential for both development and disruption of industry, it is now becoming vital for companies to increase their familiarity with the field of face recognition to ensure that they are prepared for and can adapt to a rapidly evolving landscape.

The wide applicability of face recognition software

So, what can facial recognition be used for? In essence, face recognition software offers the ability to identify and track specific individuals quickly and efficiently. It may sound simple, but this powerful new ability has applications in almost all aspects of modern industry and government. For example: how can facial recognition technology enhance security? It affords businesses new ways to restrict access, identify the potential for criminality and detect and prevent internal fraud. Face recognition technology has also already seen large-scale roll outs in the retail industry, with more than 50% of retailers in the UK reported to have used some version of the software for customer analysis last year.

The growing need for facial recognition software expertise

With so many lines being rapidly redrawn within industry due to the impact of facial recognition software, it has become essential for companies and their marketing teams to quickly increase their understanding of a complex and relatively obscure technology. The inherent potential of face recognition software has raised questions: how can facial recognition be used and, just a importantly, how should it be used? This has created a need for experts who not only understand the technology itself but who can also offer insight into how to navigate a landscape fraught with controversy: Atheneum specializes in connecting industry leaders with experts in the field and empowering companies to make more out of the very latest innovations.