Atheneum launches Global Economic Outlook report with Statista

Atheneum launches Global Economic Outlook report with Statista – showcasing perceived economic change
1st November 2019 Atheneum Team
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Atheneum’s network of industry experts have predicted changes in employment levels, consumer confidence and international trade across the globe over the next six months.

Global insights platform Atheneum and online statistics portal Statista have partnered to establish expert’s perceptions and outlooks from several industries, utilising Atheneum’s network of over 500,000 industry experts.

The results of the research form the Global Economic Outlook Score, one of the world’s largest economic sentiment indicators, reviewing factors including employment rate, strength of the local currency, international trade, political stability and capital expenditure.

Of the 2,000 leading experts surveyed, those in the food, finance and healthcare industries globally predicted significant changes in employment, consumer confidence and international trade in their countries. UK experts also stood out industry-wide as being particularly pessimistic about their current situation – expecting it to worsen over the next six months. Many UK experts cite continuing uncertainty around Brexit as cause for these particular concerns.

Of those surveyed, just 19% of experts in the food industry globally reported being ‘very satisfied’ with current employment levels in their respective countries, compared to 84.4% who said it will either stay the same or deteriorate.

Although just under half of global healthcare experts are currently satisfied with employment levels in their countries (49%), they fear an economic decline and poorer health outcomes for patients in the next six months.

However, the data shows that finance experts are remaining optimistic about the outlook in their respective countries. Almost half of those surveyed (48%) expect investment levels in their country to remain the same over the next six months.

Ammad Ahmad, Co-Founder and COO of Atheneum, said: “In what remains a complicated political environment in the UK, the Global Economic Outlook is a key indicator as to how various industries are responding and predicting businesses to be impacted worldwide.

Sectors are increasingly safeguarding themselves against future changes and this has been reflected in the enquiries we receive at Atheneum, with many companies seeking external support from experts.”

Click here to read the Global Economic Outlook Score report

About Statista:
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