Article | Credit Card Loyalty Programs

Article | Credit Card Loyalty Programs
8th December 2015 Atheneum Team


Support Requested:

  • Obtain comprehensive market and business insights into the credit card loyalty programs within Colombia, Peru and Central America
  • Identify industry changes and key trends, dynamics and market growth drivers, competitive landscape, local vs. global players (USP, prices of services, financial ratio)
  • Focus on credit card usage penetration by geography, market breakdown of credit card spending by card type (i.e. classic, gold, platinum) and most popular loyalty programs


  • Carried out custom recruitment process to identify senior industry experts within this particular markets
  • Organized one-on-one conference consultations between client and Credit Card Portfolio Heads, Assistant Vice Presidents, Credit Card Structure Managers, Heads of Consumer Finance and Payment Products, among many others
  • Delivered rapid turnaround and ensured seamless end-to-end project management

Insights Gathered:

  • Trends and dynamics; Key growth drivers of profitability; Competitive landscape and major players strengths and weaknesses, success factors and best practices; Overview of financial infrastructure of capital cities; Analysis of customer markets
  • In-depth and comprehensive insight assisted client with competitive landscape in order to gain a more thorough understanding of global regulations to improve their future business strategy
  • Atheneum executed the project within 4 weeks of its launch, while ensuring the highest compliance standards