Article | Electronic Voting Solutions: Regulatory landscape & future outlook

Article | Electronic Voting Solutions: Regulatory landscape & future outlook
1st November 2015 Atheneum Team


Support requested:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the market for electronic voting solutions in Russia
  • Provide first-hand knowledge of past, current or planned electronic voting programs for government elections
  • Identify major regulatory trends at play in the electronic voting market


  • Conducted a targeted search both within and outside of the Atheneum Expert Platform in order to source top senior experts to meet client requirements
  • Engaged 10 leading experts, including a Senior Program Manager and a Communications and External Relations Director with combined government election and electronic voting solutions experience in one-on-one conference consultation with the client
  • Delivered rapid turnaround and ensured seamless end-to-end project management

 Insights gathered:

  • Major regulatory trends in the electronic voting market; Understanding of automated voting solutions that use Direct Recording Electronic Voting Machines; Technological developments; Key factors affecting a country’s decision to adopt and expand e-voting; The strengths and weaknesses of each EVM provider
  • The comprehensive insights gathered enabled the client to assess the future outlook for e-voting in Russia and to evaluate future business growth opportunities
  • Atheneum executed the project within two weeks of its launch, whilst ensuring the highest compliance standards