Expert Survey and Interview Execution & Transcripts


Expert Survey and Interview Execution & Transcripts

SaaS company in the UK – due diligence


Atheneum to run a combined quantitative and qualitative insight survey on behalf of the PE client, to speak to customers and non-customers of a SaaS company in the UK with over 60 different software products across 9 industry verticals.

Top Insights Collected

Quantitative and qualitative insights into core competitive metrics (price, usability, outlook, NPS score)

Competitive landscapes for each industry vertical

Product strategies

Brand positioning and customer loyalty

Atheneum Solution

Atheneum consulted with the client to develop the online survey and questionnaires- narrowing down exactly which 15 products were critical to understand regarding current revenue and growth opportunities.

320 online surveys and 190 phone interviews conducted over 1 month. Capturing quantitative data & qualitative insights.

Atheneum spoke to C-Level experts and Directors from 9 different industry verticals across the UK who were involved in procurement decisions.

Atheneum managed to custom source relevant customer experts with direct exposure to each of the 15 core products identified, and customer respondents from direct competitors.

Atheneum helped to design the questionnaire, conducted the survey, managed the data and delivered all findings to client