Atheneum is Giving Back! 5 Years of Partnership With Children

Atheneum is Giving Back! 5 Years of Partnership With Children
12th November 2018 Atheneum Team
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Atheneum Partners is proud to celebrate 5 years of partnership with the children’s aid organization Children for a better World (CHILDREN), pledging more than 30.000 Euros in donations so far.

CHILDREN supports children and young adults growing up in poverty in Germany with healthy meals and special educational programs. The organization also financially and ideally supports the social engagement of children and adolescents, under their care and through their own projects, with people in need – because socially committed children will significantly shape our future.

The principle of all programs is participation: by actively shaping the programs, the children and adolescents gain knowledge of various topics such as healthy nutrition, improve their daily living skills, boost their self-esteem and learn to take their life in their own hands to reach their full potential. The children and young adults are sensitized for social inequalities and learn how to take responsibility for themselves and for others.

“An incredible 2,6 million children in Germany are growing up in poverty – that is almost every fifth child. It’s not only about donating but making a difference for these kids.” Mathias Wengeler, CEO of Atheneum Partners.

Atheneum Partners donations support several programs such as:

The CHILDREN lunch table program – responding to children’s basic needs and malnutrition issues connected to growing up in poverty. More than 3,700 children were strengthened with 250,000+ healthy meals in 2017.

The Discoverers Fund supports the development of everyday skills. In 2017 more than 3,000 children were supported with 230 jointly planned discoverer activities.

The Scholarship for Discoverers supports adolescents from low-income families by offering scholarships for an exchange year abroad. Each year, CHILDREN funds up to four scholarships.

For more information on the charity, please visit:


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