Atheneum Partners cares for the future society

Atheneum Partners cares for the future society
3rd July 2018 Atheneum Team
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Mohamed Abdelrahman, Our Atheneum Partners associate, had the pleasure to attend to the Mauer Park event. This Ted event had the goal to explain some topics of scientifics, economy and society and how to deal with it.

What did you like the most about the TED event?
I really liked that the event was tackling a number of hot topics across the scientific world, the economy and society in general. Key issues were brought up and potential solutions through future innovation and technology were discussed.

Who was your favourite speaker and why?
My favourite speaker was Adrienne Herbert, the Adidas ambassador, because she proved that you can still find your passion even during the hardest times of your life. While her husband was ill with a serious disease and she was at the same time pregnant, she wanted to have just 10 minutes every day for herself. She was able to achieve this through running. Through this difficult period she found her passion for running, which led her to become a marathon champion and later an Adidas ambassador.

Would you be interested in attending further events on Atheneum’s behalf?
Yes of course. It is also a chance to network with different attendees and speakers of the event and help market Atheneum and its services.

Do you consider TED events useful? Mohamed-Ted-talks
TEDx talks are usually very useful as they always tackle the current and future hot topics in a very simple way, also the speakers are usually coming out with very innovative ideas on how to solve today’s problems.

After attending the TED event, how do you see today’s society?
I see that in today’s society, everything is moving so fast which is both a good and bad sign. Due to advanced education, we are able to solve our problems faster. On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves, if we have really invested enough time in understanding the problem and to achieve the best solution. For example, everyone is now saying that artificial intelligence will be solving all of today’s problems and everyone is now investing in it, however we have to dedicate more time to considering whether or not it is the best way to solve all of our current and future problems.

How do you think Atheneum Partners could impact current scientific, cultural, social or economic changes?Atheneum Partners is always involved in current scientific, cultural, social and economic changes and connects the top experts, consultants, executives and many others with each other. This information flow allows the most up to date and experienced points of view to be shared regarding the best ways to adapt to these changes.

What did you learn at the TED talk conference?
I learned that you can always find your way and your passion even during the hardest times of your life.

Do you think that technological development is good or bad for our society?
I believe that technology is just a tool. Like all tools it could be used to benefit society, yet it could be used for negative purposes as well.

Do you think recent technological changes have influenced the behaviour of newer generations? If so, how?
Yes definitely, if we are comparing between today’s younger and older generations, we would clearly see the effect that globalization, internet and social media have on the new generations. They are now more open to different cultures, they have a more global perspective but at the same they have less social interaction and sense of belonging to their own society and national identity.

What conclusions did you draw from the TED event?
My conclusion was that dialogue, open discussion and the coming together of experts from different backgrounds will always be the best way to solve problems deriving from current economic, social and political changes and I believe Atheneum, through our rich and diverse experts network, can strongly contribute to this.