Article | Restaurant Chain Branding

Article | Restaurant Chain Branding
8th December 2015 Atheneum Team
In Articles, Consumer Goods


Support Requested:

  • Obtain an overview and understanding of the restaurant chain marketing strategies when expanding to a new state
  • Define and analyze the competitive landscape, as well as distinct local/regional character of specified geographies
  • Identify overall challenges, opportunities and driving market strategies for regional, mid-range, sit-down restaurant chains during expansion


  • Conducted a targeted search within and outside the Atheneum Expert Platform to match senior experts with the specific client requirements
  • Conducted one-on-one interview consultations on behalf of the client with 8 experts, including Directors of Franchise Sales, Region Developers and Senior Managers of prominent restaurant chains
  • Delivered rapid turnaround and ensured seamless end-to-end project management

Insights Gathered:

  • In-depth knowledge of restaurant chains expansion strategy; Evaluation of new geographical locations; Competitive landscape – regional players and their market shares; Cost of production; Growth opportunities and challenges; Market-to-market variation; Restaurant tactics used during economic downturn
  • Comprehensive insights assisted the client in their strategic decision making regarding the best business model when expanding into new territory
  • Atheneum completed this project within 3 weeks of the launch date, while ensuring the highest compliance standards