Article | Migration Visa Regulations

Article | Migration Visa Regulations
8th December 2015 Atheneum Team


Support Requested:

  • Gain in-depth insight of Indonesian migration information for expats traveling to Indonesia for educational purposes
  • Understand the changes in the business landscape including, but not limited to, government policy, residential developments, visa regulations, commodity prices for expats and future outlook and drivers for these policies
  • Survey expats to understand the effect of new regulations on the expat community, focusing more so on Australian expats


  • Carried out custom recruitment process to identify the most relevant leading experts
  • Arranged survey with 50 different experts, including Deputy Principals, Regional Directors, Head of HR & Business Support, Relocation Consultants and Senior Orientation Coordinators
  • Ensured smooth end-to-end project management within a limited time frame

Insights Gathered:

  • Assessment of market shares, competitive advantages and economic factors regarding the specific industries requested; Historical market trends provided alongside present-day market reports; Industry predictions; Analysis of regulatory environment
  • Comprehensive insights assisted the client in their strategic decision-making regarding the potential for future investments within the region
  • Atheneum completed the project within 2 weeks of the launch date, while ensuring the highest compliance standards