Article | Nuclear Decommissioning and Dismantling: Regulatory landscape & key technological trends

Article | Nuclear Decommissioning and Dismantling: Regulatory landscape & key technological trends
17th October 2015 Atheneum Team
In Articles, Energy & Utilities


Support requested:

  • Conduct a survey on Nuclear decommissioning and dismantling in the United States and Europe
  • Provide an understanding of how governments establish policies for strategically industrializing the Nuclear Decommissioning and Dismantling industry, and of how enterprises prepare their technologies on nuclear waste management
  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of the entire process of turning a radiated nuclear facility into a new, clean green field


  • Conducted a targeted search within the Atheneum Expert Platform, complemented with custom expert recruitment, to identify leading industry executives and key opinion leaders matching client requirements
  • Engaged 15 industry experts, including a Director of Engineering, a Senior Nuclear Engineer, a Senior Vice President of Operations and Director of Nuclear Safety in a comprehensive survey based on a questionnaire developed by the client
  • Delivered raw data with in-depth expert insights, while ensuring smooth end-to-end project management

Insights gathered:

  • Regulatory landscape and government policies; Mega trends in nuclear power plant dismantling industry, Competitive landscape and major players (market share, strengths and weaknesses, USP); Key requirements for companies to win Site Restoration phase within nuclear decommissioning; Cost structure (% of engineers within the labor force, costs of equipment and materials, cost for disposal…); Key technologies and trends; Type of market barriers for foreign companies
  • Detailed market and business intelligence enabled the client to make a strategic decision whilst assessing risks and the feasibility for a new market entrant to bid for Site Restoration Phase within nuclear decommissioning
  • Atheneum executed the project within 4 months of its launch, whilst ensuring the highest compliance standards