International Women’s Day is a powerful celebration honouring the amazing things that women have done all over the world in pursuit of equal rights, and a reminder of how far we, as women, have come.

This year we interviewed female leaders at Atheneum, one of them being  Marta  Margolis, who has been with Atheneum since 2012. As Atheneum’s Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer, she is responsible for business development strategy and building the cooperative network of experts. Here is what she and the others had to say:

Stacy Sun

Senior Principal

What’s one goal you want to achieve this year?

I aim to become a successful working-mum. Returning to work wasn’t easy. At the beginning I felt torn between work and spending time with my son however I found my balance  now. While time is limited in the morning I am able to spend valuable time with him after work.

A big part of being a working mum is learning to be organized and using my time at work as efficiently as possible. In China, it’s quite common for a new mother to give up her career, but I truly enjoy my work.

Who’s your female role model and why?

100% my mother. Of course we had our differences but being a mum myself  I now understand her site.  She has always been there for me and now even more so. She is my rock.

Kavita Maheshwari

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

What challenges do women face in Tech?

There are ample of opportunities for women in Tech. However I feel for some women it can still be hard to have the confidence to perform in a tech environment which is still largely male dominated.

What’s one goal you want to achieve this year?

To be my best every day, avoiding self – judgement and  to keep pushing myself to overachieve. I was recently promoted which shows I’m on the right track.

Carolina Paiva

Head of HR & Talent US

Who’s Your Female Role Model and Why?

I am very blessed to have several strong female role models in my life. From women in my family to professors who have inspired me throughout the years and to famous people I look up to when it comes to personal and professional experience. Amongst all of them, the one I would like to share is Jane Fonda.  She is a big inspiration for me when it comes to her activism work as well as her professional life and how she uses her power to make a direct impact on people’s life.

What’s Your Favourite Quote/Words To Live By?

“Ask questions. Stay curious. It’s much more important to stay interested than to be interesting.”  By Jane Fonda

As a global company, we consider the diversity of our workforce to be one of our greatest strengths. We bring together people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds – all of them with different skills, experiences and views. We are extremely proud to have a significant number of senior leadership roles held by women across our offices. We are committed to close the workplace gender gap!