Article | New Drug Treatment

Article | New Drug Treatment
8th December 2015 Atheneum Team
In Articles, Life Sciences


Support Requested:

  • Gain insight into introduction of new drugs to treat orphan diseases in Australian market, with a focus on cholestatic liver disease
  • Understand the overall market outlook (trends, transformation and digital innovation, supply chains and competitive landscape)
  • Analyze critical challenges, market risks, government regulations and initiatives


  • Identified the best-qualified experts within the Atheneum Expert Platform, complemented with custom recruitment strategies
  • Engaged renowned Healthcare expert to meet with the client for a 1-day workshop
  • Delivered rapid turnaround and ensured seamless end-to-end project management

Insights Gathered:

  • Market regulations around new product releases; Prescription trends and drug spending dynamics; Successful business models; Payers/reimbursements (strategies, key success factors and differentiation, price strategies); Distribution channels and models
  • Deep market and business insights gathered during the workshop helped client tailor its strategic and operational investment decisions to successfully accelerate business growth
  • Atheneum completed the project within 1 months of its launch, while ensuring the highest compliance standards