Article | Bank Equipment Procurement

Article | Bank Equipment Procurement
8th December 2015 Atheneum Team


Support Requested:

  • Gain in-depth insight into the procurement (purchasing) department of large Russian banks, in regards to banking equipment and devices/transport for cash-in-transit services
  • Identify major players purchasing departments and understand the typical structure of equipment buying for ATMs, payment terminals, currency handling equipment and devices/transport for cash-in-transit services
  • Outline suppliers, initiatives and practices in equipment life cycle management


  • Carried out a custom recruitment process to identify the most relevant leading experts to best address clients unique specifications
  • Engaged and interviewed top procurement specialists, including Senior Vice Presidents and Vendor Managers
  • Delivered rapid turnaround, while ensuring seamless end-to-end project management within a limited time frame

Insights Gathered:

  • Market size of banking equipment with main suppliers and country of production, main initiatives on how to reduce cost; Approximate prices for banking equipment and average cost per repair of banking equipment; Consumer insights and demand management
  • The usual level of customization and tailoring for each category of equipment and main practices in equipment lifecycle management (monitoring of equipment utilization, equipment tracking, etc.)
  • Atheneum completed the project within 2 weeks from its launch, while ensuring the highest compliance standards