Article | Online Vehicle Diagnostics: Competitive strategies for market success

Article | Online Vehicle Diagnostics: Competitive strategies for market success
10th October 2015 Atheneum Team


Support requested:

  • Provide a thorough assessment of an online vehicle diagnostics company in Germany
  • Ensure in-depth understanding of the business structure, strategic focus and USP, as well as market trends, key growth drivers and competitive landscape
  • Arrange an on-site expert visit to analyse how marketable the product is, integration hurdles and the validity of the development plan


  • Identified the best and most qualified experts within the Atheneum Expert Platform, complemented with custom recruitment strategies
  • Engaged a distinguished industry expert to meet with the client for on-site visit to obtain first-hand market knowledge and expertise
  • Compiled an in-depth qualitative report, including key summary executive

Insights gathered:

  • Market trends & dynamics; Marketability of the product; Hurdles for Standard integration; Structural organisation; What diagnostic functions are supported in the individual control units; Competitive landscape (major players and their market share, strengths and weaknesses); Strategies for reducing development costs and time whilst maintaining product quality and reliability
  • Exceptional market intelligence and business expertise gathered during the on-site visit and through the detailed report allowed the client to evaluate the efficacy of current development plan and to create sustainable competitive advantage strategy to increase company profit and market share
  • Atheneum executed the project within 3 weeks of its launch, whilst ensuring the highest compliance standards