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  • Nov032015

    At a glance: The future of Energy & Utilities

    Key Questions What is the future outlook for energy & utilities? What crucial factors are inciting change within the industry?…

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  • Nov022015

    What impact does the rising demand for renewable energy have on incumbent energy and utility players?

    The rising demand for renewable energies is a strong trend that will continue to grow over the coming decades. Energy…

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  • Nov012015

    Electronic Voting Solutions: Regulatory landscape & future outlook

    CONFERENCE CALLS Support requested: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the market for electronic voting solutions in Russia Provide first-hand knowledge…

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  • Oct222015

    What are the trends and key growth drivers that will shape the life science industry?

    There’s no doubt that life sciences and healthcare are on the precipice of great change. Consumerism, digital technology, increased life…

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  • Oct172015

    Nuclear Decommissioning and Dismantling: Regulatory landscape & key technological trends

    EXPERT SURVEYS Support requested: Conduct a survey on Nuclear decommissioning and dismantling in the United States and Europe Provide an…

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  • Oct152015

    High-End Audio Equipment: Consumer trends & supply chain best practices

    CONFERENCE CALLS Support requested: Provide in-depth insights into the audio and broader consumer electronics market in China and India Gain…

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  • Oct102015

    Online Vehicle Diagnostics: Competitive strategies for market success

    ON-SITE VISIT & EXPERT-BACKED REPORT Support requested: Provide a thorough assessment of an online vehicle diagnostics company in Germany Ensure…

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  • Sep272015

    How is digital transforming the customer experience journey?

    In the last decade, Customer Experience has transformed beyond recognition. The advent of the digital era has given rise to…

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